on Saturday, October 31, 2015
Hard Knocks loves killing nullbears. It's really one of our favorite things. Our scanners flesh out the chain, the tacklers move through the null systems with inties and dictors, and the cavalry is pinged whenever something nice is tackled. Of course, we also like to fight, not just gank - but ganking is pretty fun. Besides, this is null and no safety can be expected here.

on Monday, February 9, 2015
Ancient Aussie cuisine
I love the Aussie time zone. I work the graveyard shift in the eastern US time zone so, on my days off, I'm up all night and I get to hang out with all of Australians and New Zealanders and their lovely accents and eccentricities. Occasionally when I find myself in k-space in the early morning on Fridays I will join the MATE roam, an Aussie TZ roam operated in conjunction with Greygal and her Redemption Roams pubfleet program. This weekend's MATE was shield frigates with logi included.

on Sunday, February 8, 2015
Many of you have probably already read all about the Band of Magnus (BoM) eviction that took place last weekend. I'll go ahead and add my 2 cents as a HRDKX line member. You can see our main FC's AAR at reddit and news coverage at EVE News 24 and The Mittani (really great tears in the comments of both articles).

Our bosses had explained why we were evicting BoM, a Slovak and Czech outfit, but I wasn't particularly interested in the whys. I don't usually require justification for shooting shit - this is a shooty spaceship game, after all. My only concern was BoM wouldn't fight for their system and that I was going to seed my main into a WH for the weekend and just F1 structures.

on Wednesday, January 7, 2015
The RvB Ganked NPSI community has been in operation for 150 roams, and its anniversary fleet coincided perfectly with an Iwantisk event culminating with a titan death in lowsec. Mangala Solaris declared that the fleet would be using the Golden Fleet battleship doctrine, comprised primarily of apocs and navy apocs supported by geddons, vindis, and bhaals. The Golden Fleet is expensive, but extremely durable, and the long neut range of the geddons makes pointing and brawling very dangerous for its opponents. Spectre Fleet came along with a remote rep-heavy pantheon carrier contingent.

How frig holes work for most ships
Since the release of Hyperion in August 2014, w-space has been populated with tiny little frigate holes. Frig holes are common but aren't taking over; they make up about 10-15% of the chain at any given time. As their name would suggest, they can fit only small ships such as frigs, destroyers, and hictors with multiple bubbles fitted. They also regenerate mass, which makes them just about impossible to close. Their qualities give them a very limited engagement profile, but with the right numbers and fleet comp, anything can happen.