on Saturday, October 31, 2015
Hard Knocks loves killing nullbears. It's really one of our favorite things. Our scanners flesh out the chain, the tacklers move through the null systems with inties and dictors, and the cavalry is pinged whenever something nice is tackled. Of course, we also like to fight, not just gank - but ganking is pretty fun. Besides, this is null and no safety can be expected here.

Most of the time when we catch a carrier, the carrier dies and that's it. No one comes to that pilot's aid, which is a smart decision on their part. These bears can absorb the loss quickly and will have another carrier out within the hour, so it's typically not worth the risk of losing an entire gang just to save it. But sometimes, every once in awhile, occasionally, we will find a glorious den of heroes who come to the aid of their beleaguered brother. The most notable of these events in my career was a Fractal gank, although that was probably just one guy controlling a dozen caps.

Yesterday something similar happened. An HK scout tackled a carrier in Feythabolis (K-9UG4) and pinged for assistance. We swarmed out of RAGE and started shooting the carrier, and as we were moving, a second carrier landed. One carrier can be killed with 8-10 cruisers, but two meant the possibility of refitting and remote repairing, so we would need more firepower.

We didn't really get more firepower, but the bad guys kept coming. Over the course of the next two hours we killed 60 ships (including pods). They didn't have an experienced FC on hand, as they perpetually warped into the heavily bubbled grid in groups of two or three and were promptly sent home. It was really only 6 guys or so that just kept dying and reshipping, to our bewilderment. They also brought in more caps - a total of 6. They did a decent job of meddling with our dictors, especially in the beginning, and at one point were able to free all but one of their caps. Then, instead of cutting their losses, they proceeded to bring all of the carriers back and try again. Some of the nice subcaps include a snake, an ishtar, a couple of scorpions who made poor jamming choices, a cynabal, and much more. The award for most extravagant pod goes to this guy.

We killed three carriers, but after the subcap kamikaze run, we struggled with the last two carriers. They were refitting reactive armor hardeners and triaging and such, and our cerbs were so low on ammo we had to pilfer missiles from the enemy wrecks. We cyno'd in a dread and that was the end of the Russian resistance.


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